I never said

Suppose I want to impress my students with this wonderful nondet example. What is a good starting point?

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It seems ambitious wanting to impress your students…in most cases it’s already enough if they’re awake :sweat_smile:

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A subset of the students is really interested in the topic. The others are waiting until it’s finally over.

IIRC there’s some semantic lambda stuff on SWISH, translating such sentences to and-connected elements. Their negation (“never”) is an or. So it’s not rocket science, but I don’t want to spend the whole weekend with figuring it out, so any boilerplate solution is welcome.

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The data - the alternatives on the emphasized word:

alt('I', someone_else).
alt(said, thought).
alt(said, implied).
alt(she, someone_not_she).
alt(stole, borrowed).
alt(stole, received_free).
alt(my, someone_elses_not_mine).
alt(money, something_not_money).

Could that be the reason for the use of intuitionistic logic in proof assistants?