Trap/1 for trapping errors

I’ve pushed a patch, adding library(prolog_debug). This does:

  • Move spy/1 and related predicates from the core system to the library. There is no reason to put this stuff in the core system. With autoloading, most people won’t notice. If you disable autoloading you can load this library from your file.

  • added trap/1 and notrap/1. The argument is a term that unifies with the formal part of a error(Formal. ImplDependent) exception term. If an exception happens that unifies, the debugger is started. The graphical debugger library adds gtrap/1 to immediately get the graphical equivalent (as gtrace/0, gspy/1, etc.).

I’ve had the trap predicates in my personal library for a while and really like them. If there is an error, just run

?- gtrap(_), my_goal.

and the debugger stops close to where you need to search. I particularly like gtrap/1 in combination with the new =>/2 rules and det/1. It is an efficient way to debug unexpected failures and choice points you didn’t want to leave.

Naming and precise semantics are, as with all new functionality, subject to discussion and changes.


gtrap/1 seems not to be available directly from the top level (version version 8.3.28-23-gbe3ded1f9):

1 ?- gtrace.
% The graphical front-end will be used for subsequent tracing

[trace] 2 ?- gtrap(_), throw(error(kol,kll)).
Correct to: "gui_tracer:gtrap(_)"? yes

Most likely the build is not really complete. There are still some problems in making incremental builds be really reliable :frowning: It is a good practice to run ninja twice after a pull … Works fine for me.

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You’re right, works after a ninja clean && ninja

Just running ninja twice is typically enough for problems like this. No need to clean.

Could you illustrate this use with a simple example …