500 Internal Server Error while accessing the Manual

the following URL https://www.swi-prolog.org/pldoc/man?predicate=catch throws an internal server error.

Internal server error
Arguments are not sufficiently instantiated
[70] throw(error(instantiation_error,_776))
[68] html_write:html_expand(_806,pldoc_html,_810,_812) at /usr/lib/swipl/library/ext/http/http/html_write.pl:405

This is not a valid request. The predicate argument must be a fully instantiated predicate indicator, i.e., including the arity. I pushed a fix that gives a little less alarming result. Was this request hand crafted or does it comes from one of the SWI-Prolog pages? In the latter case, this should be fixed.

That was an accidentally hand crafted request