An original technical report by Jan Burse found in a large box in the attic



I like the name; is it really a portmanteau of Prolog and the pronunciation of SQL?

Its not a paper, its a technical report.

The source code Prolog and TeX is here:

And its semi-original, check the bibliography. Homework:
Compare it with SLG negation, i.e. recent SWI-Prolog tabling.

Edit 04.09.2020:
The name made other research projects angry.

PROQUEL: a PROgramming QUEry language

Rapid Application Prototyping the PROQUEL Language

But in 1991 there was no Google yet. Maybe Altavista, so
couldn’t find out about the name clash.


Oh God I have enough homework.

We didn’t have search or HTTP. Mosaic came out in '93. I remember having participated in a test concerning full-text queries for what was then called “Information Retrieval” on a text terminal. The best one could do was check trough the ETH library system … I never found the good stuff in any case. :sweat:

As for the bathtub: Memoirs Found in a Bathtub:

Memoirs Found in a Bathtub is a science fiction novel by Polish writer Stanisław Lem, first published in 1961. It was first published in English in 1973; a second edition was published in 1986. Memoirs Found in a Bathtub starts with the finding of a diary in the distant future. The introduction dwells on the difficulties of historical research on the fictional ‘Neogene Era’, “the period of the heyday of the pre-Chaotic culture, which preceded the Great Decomposition”. “Great Decomposition” refers to the apocalyptic event of “papyrolysis”, decomposition of all paper on the planet in the pre-information-technology era, causing all records and money to turn into dust––the end of the “epoch of papycracy”.

Maybe we should censor the title “found in bathtub”. I find
it offending. But I am not a pussy. So I am asking, any reason
for this title and creating a joke thread for a serious paper?

Well it was just a joke. Seriousness kills life. Want me to change it?

I don’t know. I am also doing jokes, but mine get censored.
At least you are honest, because I wasn’t sure the first moment.
It could be that books are stored in bathtub.


Haha. One of my rooms looks like that, just minus the bathtub. The books are just piled there.

You can use the paper of my tech report to make a little camp fire.
Or heat some water in a bathtub. You should always see the
bright side of everthing. Its even officially digitized without my doing.

I will keep it next to the others I got back then. Here is one by Brigitte Hösli: “3-wertige Logiken und stabile Logik, July 1992 (#179)”. And by Oliver Lorenz “Retrieval von Grafikdokumenten, September 1992 (#182)”, basically a clumsy Google Image, running on a SparcStation. Beverly Sanders: “A Predicate Transformer Approach to Knowledge and Knowledge-based Protocols, September 1992 (#181)” Man, What happened.

My apologies for the joke in any case.

I guess I am older than you. Might soon change bathtub for
coffin, either because of Corona or because of old age.

That’s pretty dark. But … both are more or less the same (“median decedent age was 78 years”) but I hear one may be at risk of a damaged lung at any age.

Now my interest in R has been reawakened.

Get interested in WAM. Write a glossary for WAM. Is there “variable cell” in it?

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