Ann: SWI-Prolog 8.3.5

Dear SWI-Prolog user,

I’m happy to announce SWI-Prolog 8.3.5. This is a maintenance release,
notably containing documentation updates from David Tonhofer and Adrian
Wong. The release fixes some build issues, Prolog dependencies and
autoload handling.

Enjoy --- Jan

SWI-Prolog Changelog since version 8.3.4

  • DOC: Clarifications, fix section levels.

  • DOC: Fix typos in manual

  • FIXED: Issue#646: using {} as postfix operator can cause the output
    to be confused with a dict. Jan Burse.

  • FIXED: Handle Unicode file names in QLF files and saved states
    on Windows.

  • FIXED: Do not save the Prolog flag file_name_case_handling.

  • FIXED: listing/1: when used with a partly instantiated head to list
    a subset of the clauses, do not unify the clause head but only test
    it is unifyable.

  • ENHANCED: foreach/2: better performance and avoid copying goal.

  • DOC: Fix typos in manual

  • FIXED: HTML text renderer to add a blank line between the first and
    second par of a list element.

  • FIXED: ht_get/3 on an empty hash table.

  • DOC: functor/3: avoid confusing example.

  • BUILD: Fixed installation. Nicos Angelopoulos

  • FIXED: make_library_index/1 tested whether . was changed rather
    than the target directory.

  • BUILD: Always the library index commands. Prolog checks the
    dependencies anyway.

  • TEST: Autoload

  • FIXED: Allow importing a predicate using autoload/2 while it is defined
    in user and make sure the imported predicate actually gets used.

  • FIXED: Autoloading picked predicates from the module user. Test case
    by Eric Tauber.

  • DOC: Format each summary to have its own line

  • DOC: Fix typos in manual

  • FIXED: Issue#639: system code depended on library, preventing disabling
    autoloading. James Cash.

  • DOC: get_dict_ex/3 does not exist. Removed the docs. David Tonhofer.

  • ENHANCED: list_debug_topics/0: use quoted print and numbervars to
    list the topic more precisely. David Tonhofer.

Package http

  • FIXED: Issue#141: Keep-alive with zero content length replies.
    Esad Hajdarevic.

Package jpl

  • CLEANUP: New code to generate JPL exceptions.
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