Ann: SWI-Prolog 8.5.10

Dear SWI-Prolog user,

SWI-Prolog 8.5.10 is ready for download. Thanks to work by @mgondan1,
@peter.ludemann and @ridgeworks a lot of improvements have been made,
notably on portability and avoiding memory leaks. Unfortunately some of
this is rather involved and some regression is likely. Highlights:

  • Support for pcre2 (Perl Regular Expressions) seems pretty much
    stable now.
  • Windows support is continuously being improved. This involves
    compiling SWI-Prolog on Windows, fixing several issues and making
    the test suite more portable.
  • Several (small) memory leaks have been fixed.
  • The term//2 non-terminal that implements “write to HTML” has
    been updated significantly. This is used by SWISH in JavaScript
    and CSS to provide vertical and smart layout for terms.
  • library(http/jquery) now bundles jQuery 3.6.0 (was 1.11.3) if
    it does not reuse jQuery from the OS.

Some regressions due to recent changes have been fixed:

  • clp(rq) was broken after making its internal module names more
  • swipl-ld[.exe] was broken (didn’t pass -I for SWI-Prolog’s
    include directory).
  • on_signal/3 was broken for signals bound to Prolog callbacks.

Some release remarks:

  • When doing an incremental build from source, call cmake
    one time as below to reconfigure jQuery and pcre dependencies.

    cmake -U 'JQUERY*' -U 'PCRE*' .
  • A pull request was submitted to the official Docker images to
    upgrade swipl:devel to 8.5.10.

  • Considering the scope of recent changes, once this line of
    work stabalizes it will not be backported to 8.4. Instead
    we will move to 8.6/8.7.

    Enjoy — Jan

SWI-Prolog Changelog since version 8.5.9

  • FIXED: read_term/2: memory leak when reading Unicode variable names
    and reporting these using the variable_names(Names) option.

  • DOC: Updated clause/2.

  • FIXED: Memory leak reading Unicode queries at the toplevel.
    Peter Ludemann.

  • ADDED: library(sandbox): support predicate_property/2

  • DOC: PL_atom_wchars(): wrong types

  • ADDED: library(sandbox): functor/4.

  • FIXED: Windows (swipl-win.exe) clean closing of I/O.

  • FIXED: Possible wrong Windows drive letter normalisation.

  • PORT: msys2, detect libdb-6.0.dll from libdb.a

  • PORT: Msys2/clang64

  • PORT: MSYS2/clang64 the dll name appears several times in the “.a”
    file, select the first appearance

  • FIXED: PL_retry() and PL_context() to work with all integers.

  • FIXED: swipl-ld didn’t pass -I for SWI-Prolog.h any more.

  • PORT: float_fractional_part/1 function: work around broken modf()
    in MinGW

  • FIXED: on_signal/3: properly set flags on the signal structure such
    that when bound to a predicate the predicate is called synchronously.
    Breaks handling SIGTERM in library(http/http_unix_daemon).

  • PORT: Sopenmem() to use SIO_NL_POSIX. All internal strings use
    POSIX \n to delimit lines. @mgodan1.

  • FIXED: copy_term/4 to handle cyclic terms for the first argument.
    Also proper recovery in case of a memory overflow.

  • DOC: Enhance docs for trap/1.

  • DOC: Start disclaimer on float precision.

  • FIXED: Added new test files,

  • PORT: Work around broken llround in MinGW

  • TEST: Added test framework and some initial tests for source code
    position and breakpoint management testing.

  • DOC: open/3,4 pipe(Command) limitations.

  • TEST: Moved pipe tests to a plunit file.

  • PORT: open/3,4 on Windows: use clib popen() instead of the broken
    emulation in src/os/windows/popen.c

  • FIXED: Clause position management for h => X = ..., rest_body:
    the unification is not inlined.

Package clib

  • TEST: Disable CGI test for Windows because environment variables set
    using Prolog setenv/2 are not visible in the CRT runtime function
    getenv(). This either requires updating the CGI module to use the
    Win32 environment API or start a new process for reading the CGI input.

  • TEST: Cross-platform null in stream_input

Package clpqr

  • FIXED: Missed module rename for attribute_goals//1. Reported by
    Paul Bredbury.

Package http

  • PORT: Make CGI tests succeed on Windows. @mgodan1

  • UPDATED: Bundled jquery from jquery-1.11.3 to 3.6.0.

Package pcre

  • TESTS: Fixed tests to work on systems without pcre2 jit

  • DEBUG: Removed debugging prints. The print statement in the
    pcre_release() function is unsave as during proces cleanup the pattern
    may vanish before the regular expression.

  • FIXED: Make comparison and printing the blob work for Unicode patterns.

  • ENHANCED: re_config/1 backtracks through all possible values
    re_config/1 fails if an invalid otption is given instead of throwing
    an error fixed some PCRE1 vs PCRE2 documentation for re_config/1 added
    a test to check that re_config/1’s documentation is a complete list
    comparison now uses the pattern; blob-write also shows pattern fix
    bug in compare_pcres() that incorrectly resulted in equality

  • FIXED: memory leak if re_compile fails or throws an error

Package pengines

  • ENHANCED: term//2 for rendering terms as HTML has many new options
    and provides HTML that is easier to deal with using JavaScript and CSS.

Package semweb

  • PORT: msys2/clang64, Release, avoid unused warning

mgondan1, not mgodan :slight_smile:

Sorry, edited.

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