Announcing New CHR Tutorial

I’ve just finished a new tutorial in the ‘Real World’ series.
Constraint Handling Rules

Thanks to Thom Fruhwirth, Falco Nogatz, Michael Richter, and Alan Baljeau. All spent hours helping me climb this particular hill.

The code is available here

Feel free to send suggested improvements, complaints, corrections, flames, etc. my way.


Thank you Ann. This is exactly what is needed.

Although I have Thom Frühwirth’s book, the application-level question on “how can this actually be called from Prolog” stays opaque and the SWI Prolog manual does not really help. I’m trying some coding now.

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yes - my usual reason for writing a tutorial is “I have read the documentation, and can’t actually use this”

Please keep notes of things you find confusing.