Bims 2.4

A new version of Bims (2.4) is now on the server.
This is just a maintenance update, ensuring Bims works with the current SWI.
Tested on Linux with SWI 8.5.4.

Bims implements machine learning via Bayesian Inference over Model Structures.
It comes with priors and likelihoods for classification/regression trees and Bayesian networks.

To install:
?- pack_install(bims).

To test:

  ?- use_module(library(bims)).
  ?- bims.

This produces 3 chains of 100 classification trees for the default data that come
with the pack.

Current version:

?- bims_version(V,D).
  V = 2:4:0,
  D = date(2021, 12, 29).

Web page:

Pack docs:

GitHub - nicos-angelopoulos/bims: Bayesian inference of model structure

Nicos Angelopoulos

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