Bypass Qt while compiling SWI

I’m compiling SWI from source on red hat.
Everything goes smootly except the linking against Qt. In particular, at the end of the compilation step I get

[100%] Linking CXX executable swipl-win
.../anaconda3/lib/ undefined reference to `std::pmr::monotonic_buffer_resource::~monot

and other similar errors.
Before compiling I call


inside the build folder.
Is there a flag or smething to bypass the Qt issue and disable this part? Is it mandatory? I do not need a GUI for SWI (nor a SWI version for windows).


I have found in this document this suggestion:

cmake -DSWIPL_M32=ON \
      -G Ninja ..


Using -DSWIPL_PACKAGES_QT=OFF should work. Fixing this would be even better of course. Which version of redhat?

I think we’re on Qt 6 now…

Ubuntu 22.04 is (still) on Qt5 and swipl-win compiles and runs fine on it. Thanks to your involvement it also runs on Qt6 :slight_smile:

The version is 8.6

Ok. While one can download the redhat 8.6 docker image, actually installing software on it requires a license. That is a bit too much hassle for something that is not really a problem now.