Can't print code (quickly) under Windows 10

I’m using Prolog 8.3.8 under Windows 10. When I try to print my program (or a selection therefrom), the printer spools forever. Well, sometimes if I leave it overnight, it has printed in the morning. The spooling time is at least several hours.
I usually end up copying what I want and pasting into Word. This does print, however, it’s all B&W. The helpful colors do not come out.

The built-in editor support for printing is rather lousy, although I’ve no clue why it prints slow … There is an alternative to open your code in a browser:

?- doc_server(8080).
?- [myfile].
?- doc_browser.       % or open the url displayed by doc_server/1.

Now click the (:-) icon for the file in your browser.

For users who start Prolog from the commandline, one can use commandline below to get the same result.

swipl --pldoc
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Thanks, works great and it has line numbers!