Capture the goal from the interactive mode

I am looking for a predicate that captures the goal from the interactive mode.
When I am in the interactive mode, I would like something like this:

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?- append([this, is, some], [predicate], X), capture_goal(G).
X = [this, is, some, predicate],
G = ['append([this, is, some], [predicate], X)', 'capture_goal(G)'].

I know how to capture the command line entry with current_prolog_glag(os_argv, Args) but I want to capture the goal inside the interactive mode.
Running swipl -g is not an option for me.

There are two options. Misuse this hook or make sure one of the command line history libraries is included and query that. There is no official and documented interface for that. What do you want to achieve?

Possibly is related and provides hints?

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