Hi, I hope this is appropriate here as there is not much discussion forum for people interested in CHR (I think they are almost entirely a strict subset of Prolog programmers :slight_smile: )

On the website the link to CCHR (CHR in C) is dead. I was hoping to check out CCHR to understand how it works (Does it compile to C or is it an interpreter embeddable in C programs?). The CHR implementation in SWI-Prolog is great but I wanted to see CCHR as a possible way to embed CHR into other language runtimes (say python). Who knows, since Prolog can be seen as Constraint Programming on Horn Clauses, maybe it can be a way to embed Prolog into such languages as well :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi Reynold!

fyi, there is also a dedicated CHR mailing list:
But you are right, there is a big overlap to people also following the SWI-Prolog Discourse :slight_smile:

Last year, I re-run the original CHR benchmarks of the paper β€œCCHR: the fastest CHR Implementation, in C.” by Wuille, Schrijvers and Demoen (2007). I put the benchmarks in a GitHub repository. There, you can also find the sources of CCHR: