CGI pages for Channel Theory (Barwise-Selgman) are revived

Around 2015 I wrote a piece of codes for cgi on “Information Flow” inspired by the book:

Information Flow - The Logic of Distributed Systems
Jon Barwise, Jerry Seligman
Cambridge University Press

It was a private prototyping project, with plan and goal unclear. Leaving codes untouched for a long time, I found the codes did not work. I reviewed and revised at minimum. Now the cgi works as 2015. This cgi page converts a theory to a classification. The output classification is the most general classification satisfying the theory.

This page, given a distributed system of classifications and informorphisms, computes the core classifications. The core is close to the colimit of the distributed systems in category theory, which is basic and well-known notion.

I have no information for recent researches on the channel theory, and I feel it’s time for me to make search. I will sincerly appreciate if you have any informataion on the channel theory and are kind to let me know.