Commands to access Navigator and Editor on Linux?

I’m using: SWI-Prolog version 8.0.2 on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.

I love the Navigator and the Emacs editor on Windows. Are their commands I can execute from the interpreter that will bring either of these entities up on Linux?

I did find the Emacs clone on Linux but it looks completely different than the editor that pops on Windows when I choose to Edit a file from the interpreter or launch it from the Navigator. I’m hoping the Emacs editor I found by typing emacs from the SWI-Prolog interpreter on Linux is not the same editor I reference above. For example, the Windows editor has a Prolog top level menu option that lets you set spy points, etc. and lots of other things. The PceEmacs editor that I found on Linux has no such menu entry or capability.

I use

?- edit(a_file).

to open PCE Emacs on an existing in the current folder.
To know/set the current folder and contents, pwd/0,cd/0,cd/1,ls/0 are available.

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Thanks @CapelliC. That worked great. I see the same editor UI I do on Windows now.

Any idea on how to get to the Navigator on Linux?

Nevermind, tired when I asked this. It’s in the editor under the Browse tope level menu choice (Browse -> Prolog Navigator). However, If anybody does come up with a command that works from code to launch it, I’d like to put that in my SWIPL.INI file.