Cosmos 0.13 alpha released


I’ve come to announce an all-new language, now being hosted as a Swi-Prolog pack.

What do we aim to provide?

  • Functional support with lambdas, etc.
  • Types and possibly later modes.
  • Emphasis on pure predicates/relations. The standard library should provide pure relations when possible and operators such as if should be pure aswell. Even string concatenation is pure.
  • The syntax is akin to Lua and inspired by similar prototypal languages. This is probably a new approach so far as logic languages go. Though that’s not important!

It’s very new, however. You may find there are many obvious issues and todos as of now. We’d appreciate any obvious tips or for that matter any volunteers that may want to contribute to this project if you think this is a worthy pack. You’re free to discuss anything you think is noteworthy, if you want to.