Coursera "guided project" to be removed

Coursera sent me an email titled “Guided Project Removal Notification” saying my Prolog for Beginners is going to be removed on June 17th.

As you know, one of the main priorities for the Guided Projects program is to house a catalog of impactful projects for learners. As part of this focus, our team will begin to remove projects that do not meet ratings of 4.2 or higher.

I just checked and see my course’s score is 4.1 from 11 ratings. Darn, so close but no cigar!

The metrics provided show 435 total enrollments, 111 active learners, and 19.5% completion rate. I’ve no idea if that’s good or bad.

Coursera seem to have canned nearly all the community contributed courses, and my heart goes out to those whose hours of hard work has now been wasted.

Personally, I can’t claim to be too cut-up about losing a popularity contest I never knew I entered. My course was based on notes I’d already done anyhow, and I found doing my first MooC a fun and rewarding activity.

I’m considering redoing my Coursera course as Youtube videos (using an open source video editing package OBS Study instead of Coursera’s awful Rhyme).

I’ve only just seen the five reviews on my Coursera course, and have to concede some of the criticism is valid.

So I hope to do an improved version sometime in the near future.


@anniepoo might be able to comment on that. According to the reviews you made some people happy :slight_smile: I hope the material finds a new place!


I would not pay any attention to this. I have read some of your tutorials and they are very useful and well thought out.

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