Creating files for training with Aleph using SWISH-cplint

Dear all, I’d like to use multiple files to train a model using Aleph in SWISH (creating files using the cplint interface). I created files with facts and modes, pos and neg examples etc. I also have a file with the “main” stuff. I click on ‘run’ and nothing happens :frowning: (Note: this works offline, in the command line, using yap and aleph).

I found out that files that have ‘.’ in the name are not accepted. I renamed them. The template uses some keywords, but some of them are not working, like:

:- aleph. (string outofsync or predicate not defined)
:- begin_pos.

Any help on building this rule learning example in swish would be more than welcome.

Sometimes, the server does not allow me to save a file or goes down.

Many thanks!