Creating terms with binary value

Hello, I use crypto prolog library and then need to store secrets (binary values) in terms
It works well on version 7.6.4 (ubuntu 18-04) or swish, but no more on 8.4.2 (ubuntu 20-04)

I want the code to:

?- asserta(p('\0')),p(X).
X = '\0' .

But what I’m getting is:

?- asserta(p('\0')),p(X).
X = '\u0000' .

Does someone have the same issue, that is very problematic since crypto can no more be used.

Did your code actually stop working in some way? AFAICT this difference is only aesthetic, note that:

?- '\0' = '\u0000'.

Thank you for your answer, you 're right, the pb was not there, but due to a bad value for Initialisation Vector in crypto encoding. Now it works fine, thank you again