DES 6.3 Released

This is a mail just for informing that the new release

Datalog Educational System version 6.3

has been launched on October, 14th, 2019, and tested for

SICStus Prolog 4.4.1
SWI-Prolog 7.4.2

The current version features a novel contribution to fuzzy
logic programming: Fuzzy Hypothetical Datalog. Hypothetical
scenarios can be specified with both fuzzy rules and
equations. In addition to assume new rules in a hypothetical
context, the semantics of a existing predicate can also be
altered with a new notion for restricted fuzzy predicates:
instead of just removing the semantics of the restricted
predicate from the positive predicate (as in the crisp
case), its confidence support can be lowered. In turn, by
either assuming or removing new equations or replacing
existing ones, similarity and proximity relations can be
adjusted to commit to the required assumptions. As a
collateral effect, the fuzzy system becomes fully
interactive (formerly, only monotonic DB updates for the des
expansion were consistent). Now, assertions and retractions
of both fuzzy rules and equations become possible,
automatically recompiling the fuzzy rules and relations when

A complete list of enhancements and fixed bugs is attached
to the end of this message.
Please, see for details.

Best regards.

Fernando Saenz Perez
Profesor Titular de Universidad / Associate Professor
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Tel: + 34 913947576. Fax: + 34 913947547
Despacho / Office: 435 (4a. planta / 4th floor)
Dept. Ingenieria del Software e Inteligencia Artificial /
Department of Software Engineering and Artificial
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Facultad de Informatica
C/Profesor Jose Garcia Santesmases, s/n
E - 28040 Madrid. Spain


Version 6.3 of DES (released on October, 14th, 2019)

  • Enhancements:
    o Fuzzy restricted predicates for modifying the semantics
    of regular predicates by lowering their confidence support
    o Fuzzy intuitionistic logic programming, which allows for
    assuming new fuzzy clauses, predicates, and fuzzy
    equations, and for restricting the semantics of existing
    o Checking existency of fuzzy relations for commands, and
    applicable commands in non-fuzzy mode
    o Fuzzy Datalog rules can be asserted and retracted
    (formerly, only monotonic DB updates for the des expansion
    were consistent)
    o Proximity equations can be added and removed at any
    point in both fuzzy expansion modes. The loaded program
    will be automatically recompiled to reflect changes
    o Added verbose messages when the database is cleared
    because of changing fuzzy expansion and weak unification
    o Added some syntax error messages for incorrect fuzzy
    o Added TEXT(N) datatype for supporting MS Access syntax
    o New commands:

    • /list_undefined List undefined predicates, i.e., those
      which are not built-in, not external (ODBC table/view),
      and not defined with a Datalog rule. TAPI enabled
    • /set Display each user variable and its corresponding
    • /set Variable Display the value for the user variable
  • Changes:
    o Small changes to pretty-printing
    o Asserting a fuzzy equation replaces its older definition
    o Switching between weak unification algorithms does not
    change transitivity
    o Adjusted PDG display of fuzzy predicate arities (by
    hiding extra arguments for non-development mode)
    o Fuzzy built-in primitives (such as ‘$t_norm’) do not
    longer occur in the PDG

  • Fixed bugs:
    o When changing the transitive property of a relation, its
    closure was not updated
    o Retracting a proximity equation between programs looked
    for expanded clauses
    o Retracting a proximity equation with no computed closure
    raised an exception
    o Missing delimiting parentheses when displaying some
    o The transitive closure for all of the fuzzy relations
    used the t-norm for ~
    o The expansion of clauses between similar predicates was
    not correct for the weak unification algorithm A3
    o Revised messages of fuzzy command in non-fuzzy mode
    (e.g., /t_closure_comp raised an error when trying to
    change its setting)
    o Retracting a fact for a predicate similar to another
    (with /retract and /abolish Name/Arity) did not retract
    all the compiled rules with fuzzy expansion bpl

// ACIDE 0.17 Release Notes //
// September, 10th 2015 //

  • Enhancements, changes and fixed bugs:
    o Localization to French
    o Multiple editors for new files
    o New Reset and Refresh buttons for the Database panel
    o The Datalog query for Trace Datalog becomes single-lined
    o Keyboard shortcut (F9) for Play
    o Rule (SQL statement, resp.) location becomes disabled
    by-default in Trace Datalog (Trace SQL, resp.)
    o New Debug SQL panel but with incomplete functionality
    o Bug fixes in several panels (Console, Database, …) but
    presumably others added.

o Ctrl+Mouse Wheel for resizing font display may take long
time depending on the number of open file editors.
o Opening medium-sized text files may take long time due
to lexical analysis. No progress indicators are provided.
Only when all editor windows are processed they are
o As an alpha version, there are expected many bugs and
incomplete functionalities. Please report them to