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“The Craft of Prolog” by Richard A. O`Keefe (WorldCat) Section 1.5 - Difference Lists

Difference lists in Prolog by Attila Csenki
Difference Lists by Frank Pfenning
Open Lists and Difference Lists by Paul Brna
Efficiency of Difference-List Programming by Ulrich Geske and Hans-Joachim Goltz

Learn Prolog Now! Chapter 7 Definite Clause Grammars by Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos and Kristina Striegnitz
Common version
Testing version - using SWISH
Early version

Amzi - Difference List
Wikipedia DCG

Difference list in other programming languages

Mercury - DCG
F# - DList
Haskell - Difference list
OCaml - DList

Difference Lists Explored

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