Emoji in animating

I’m using: SWI-Prolog version version 8.0.3

I want to use an emoji or something for my simple animation but SWI-Prolog states that it is an illegal character. Does someone know how I can use an emoji??

Need help fast thanks!

I don’t know the answer at present but will try. For this I suspect I will also need to know

  1. What OS are you using? ( If you are on a Mac then I can’t help. )
  2. Where are you trying to display the emoji? In an HTML page, on the SWI-Prolog top level, something else?
  3. What is the Unicode code point for the emoji you are trying to display? If you don’t know the Unicode code point, then what is the name or character representation.

I guess you are using MS-Windows? On Windows SWI-Prolog can only represent the first 2^16 (0…65535) Unicode points. If you need to represent them in HTML you can of course using HTML character entities as &#<code>;

I think you can also deal with them as character codes in Prolog lists. You cannot store them in atoms or string objects though. Note that this limit only applies to Windows. On all other platforms this works just fine.

My bad I forgot to share that I’m using Mac which is why this is a difficult problem😅.

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