Enable Prolog syntax highlighting in Discourse

As far as I know Discourse uses Highlight.js, which supports Prolog syntax highlight in code blocks.
Would be awesome to enable it on the forum.

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I cannot find any relevant setting. The default language may be specified, but without support for Prolog in the first place that will not help :frowning: As this site is kindly hosted by Discourse, we cannot add it ourselves. I’ll open a topic on Discourse meta.

I think I just found a place in the admin settings I can add languages to highlight; just tried adding Prolog to the list.

(for other admins: https://swi-prolog.discourse.group/admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=highlighted%20languages)

I do not see any effect though :frowning:

test :- fail.
test :- findall(x, y, z).

Yeah…it seemed like in the preview it was highlighting variables & comments, but I think maybe it needs to reload some cache or something to include the other language :confused:

foo(X). % a comment
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And looking at the source, I think that just might be all highlight.js does: https://github.com/highlightjs/highlight.js/blob/cd73c87b85d3b5e65584fdc4016d95a47ffa94c5/src/languages/prolog.js

% seems to be the only things it highlights

This seems to work. It only doesn’t try to do built-in predicates. Anyway, this is better than nothing. Shall we set this as default language and maybe remove some of the others?

p(X) :- q(X, 'Hello world').

A bit related, should we open a ticket for a way to type :- at the end of a line, at least in code blocks?

That sounds good; I tried turning a setting on to automatically highlight the code, but I’m not sure how it chooses what to use.

Yeah, the auto-complete inside code blocks is frustrating, probably worth opening a ticket for.

Created https://meta.discourse.org/t/typing-newline/113007

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The answer has arrived :slight_smile: Set emoji autocomplete min chars to 3.

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