For RocksDB rocks-predicates, is add_to_clause_index/5 used with prefix seek?

In trying to understand the RocksDB code for WordNet example ( came upon


add_to_clause_index(DB, PI, Spec, _:Head, CRef), integer(Spec) =>
    arg(Spec, Head, Arg),
    term_hash(Arg, 1, 2147483647, Hash),
    assertion(nonvar(Hash)),            % TBD: variables in the head
    pred_index_key(PI, Spec, Hash, CRef, Key),
    rocks_put(DB, Key, 1).

Is this for use with RocksDB prefix seek?

rocks_enum/3 uses RocksDB prefix seek. And RocksDB compresses prefixes, so probably the hash isn’t needed. (I’m slowly working on modifying, to simplify it and possibly make it faster, although it’s not clear how much faster it’ll end up … @jan - can you please send me your test wordnet file?)

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