For Windows users, is winget now a standard command?

Linux users have access to package managers such as apt while Microsoft has only in the last few years been developing winget.

Since my machines are on the Windows Insider Program from time to time they get early releases of software such as winget. As such winget is on my machines but I don’t know if it is now installed and active by default for those doing regular Windows updates.

Can those who do just regular Windows updates let me know if it is on Windows 10 and separately if it is on Windows 11. Just open a command prompt and enter


which should show the help if winget is installed.

If it is now part of standard Windows then it would be worth consideration into allowing SWI-Prolog to be installed this way on Windows.

winget is installed here. I’d never heard of it though I’m familiar with dev package managers Nuget and npm.

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Is that on Windows 10, Windows 11 or both?

Here are some examples related to Prolog that are currently installable via winget.

It appears someone has made the latest stable version of SWI-Prolog available via winget.

C:\Users\Eric>winget search SWI-Prolog
Name       Id                    Version Source
SWI-Prolog SWI-Prolog.SWI-Prolog 8.4.3   winget

C:\Users\groot>winget search logtalk
Name    Id              Version Source
Logtalk Logtalk.Logtalk 3.56.0  winget

C:\Users\groot>winget search erlangOTP
Name       Id               Version Source
Erlang OTP Erlang.ErlangOTP 25.0.2  winget

C:\Users\groot>winget search constraint
Name                                                    Id                      Version Source
ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System Version 7.0 Coninfer.ECLiPSeCLP.7.0 7.0 #63 winget

The keyword programming catches all of them and more.

Click triangle to exapnd
C:\Users\groot>winget search programming
Name                             Id                               Version          Match                     Source
Programming!                     9WZDNCRDQQF1                     Unknown                                    msstore
C Programming                    9WZDNCRDGXLD                     Unknown                                    msstore
Java Programming                 9NHVRHCM59ZX                     Unknown                                    msstore
C Programming by WAGmob          9WZDNCRDN6CC                     Unknown                                    msstore
Programming Languages by WAGmob  9WZDNCRDN3MJ                     Unknown                                    msstore
Learn Perl Programming-simpleNe… 9WZDNCRDN639                     Unknown                                    msstore
Programming Small Basic          9PPJCBMZ3SDP                     Unknown                                    msstore
Learn Scratch Programming via V… 9NBLGGH110B6                     Unknown                                    msstore
Programming                      9NBLGGH5WNZM                     Unknown                                    msstore
Windows 8 Programming by WAGmob  9WZDNCRDHR32                     Unknown                                    msstore
Programming Zemi                 9NTGB52KD2LG                     Unknown                                    msstore
Learn COBOL Programming by GoLe… 9WZDNCRDHNMR                     Unknown                                    msstore
UNIX and Shell Programming by W… 9WZDNCRDHQD4                     Unknown                                    msstore
Introduction to Python Programm… 9NBLGGH6FLKH                     Unknown                                    msstore
C Programming Tutorial           9WZDNCRDH1MK                     Unknown                                    msstore
Zeus Lite                        Xidicone.ZeusLite                3.97z            Tag: programming          winget
Zeus IDE                         Xidicone.ZeusIDE                 3.98y            Tag: programming          winget
Stackless Python                 stackless.stackless              3.7.9150.0       Tag: programming          winget
Scala Programming Language Dist… Scala.Scala.2                 Tag: programming          winget
sbt                              sbt.sbt                          1.6.2            Tag: programming          winget
Ruby                             RubyInstallerTeam.Ruby           3.1.2-1          Tag: programming          winget
Nelson                           NelsonNumericalSoftware.Nelson       Tag: programming          winget
Logtalk                          Logtalk.Logtalk                  3.56.0           Tag: programming          winget
KDevelop                         KDE.kdevelop                     5.6.2            Tag: programming          winget
PyCharm Professional Edition (E… JetBrains.PyCharm.Professional.… 222.3244.2       Tag: programming          winget
PyCharm Professional Edition     JetBrains.PyCharm.Professional   221.5921.27      Tag: programming          winget
PyCharm Community Edition        JetBrains.PyCharm.Community      221.5921.27      Tag: programming          winget
GoLand (EAP)                     JetBrains.GoLand.EarlyAccess     222.3153.7       Tag: programming          winget
Colobot: Gold Edition            Epsitec.Colobot                  alpha-0.1.12     Tag: programming          winget
NoteHighlight2016                elvirbrk.notehighlight2016       3.7              Tag: programming          winget
字节跳动开发者工具               ByteDance.BytedanceMiniappIDE    3.2.7-1          Tag: programming          winget
BlueJ                            BlueJTeam.BlueJ                  5.0.2            Tag: programming          winget
小程序开发者工具                 Alibaba.MiniProgramStudio        3.0.2            Tag: programming          winget
BPMN-RPA Studio                  1ic.BPMN-RPAstudio               21.8.11          Tag: programming          winget
SWI-Prolog                       SWI-Prolog.SWI-Prolog            8.4.3            Tag: programming          winget
Lapce                            Lapce.Lapce                      0.1.2            Tag: programming          winget
ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Progra… Coninfer.ECLiPSeCLP.7.0          7.0 #63          Tag: programming          winget
Go Programming Language          GoLang.Go                        1.18.3                                     winget
Visual D - Visual Studio Integr… Dlang.VisualD                    1.3.0                                      winget
winpython-pypy                   winpython.winpython-pypy         Tag: programming language winget
winpython-dot-pypy               winpython.winpython-dot-pypy         Tag: programming language winget
winpython-dot                    winpython.winpython-dot         Tag: programming language winget
winpython                        winpython.winpython             Tag: programming language winget
Racket                           Racket.Racket                    8.3              Tag: programming-language winget
Python 3                         Python.Python.3                  3.10.5150.0      Tag: programming-language winget
Python 2                         Python.Python.2                  2.7.18150        Tag: programming-language winget
Pure Data                        MillerPuckette.PureData          0.51-4           Tag: visual-programming   winget
Julia                            Julialang.Julia                  1.7.3            Tag: programming-language winget
PyCharm Community Edition (EAP)  JetBrains.PyCharm.Community.EAP  222.3244.2       Tag: programming ide      winget
JetBrains MPS                    JetBrains.MPS                    MPS-213.7172.958 Tag: metaprogramming      winget
JetBrains MPS (EAP)              JetBrains.MPS.EAP                213.6461.785     Tag: metaprogramming      winget
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition … JetBrains.IntelliJIDEA.Ultimate… 222.3244.4       Tag: programming ide      winget
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition   JetBrains.IntelliJIDEA.Ultimate  221.5921.22      Tag: programming-ide      winget
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition… JetBrains.IntelliJIDEA.Communit… 222.3244.4       Tag: programming ide      winget
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition  JetBrains.IntelliJIDEA.Community 221.5921.22      Tag: programming-ide      winget
Erlang OTP                       Erlang.ErlangOTP                 25.0.2           Tag: programming-language winget
RenderDoc                        BaldurKarlsson.RenderDoc         1.19.0           Tag: graphics-programming winget
Spice                            ChilliBits.Spice                 0.8.5            Tag: programming-language winget

Well, I just installed a completely fresh Windows 11 home in a VM and there is no winget, despite Microsoft claiming it is standard for Windows 11. According to the docs, it surely is an add on for Windows 10. I’ve installed in and used it to install git. Works fine. Might be nice to have the development versions in there as well. Anyone knows how to get that done?

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Give me a few minutes and I will edit this with the details. Last time I looked it required creating a several line YAML file, submitting it as a pull to a Git repository and accepting an agreement that you have the right to submit, it is not malicious, and so on.


Way back when this was in beta I played around creating some of the manifest (YAML) and I remember that the easiest way to get started was to look at examples from others. I also remember that multiple manifest files was important. Never submitted any but wanted to understand the process if an when needed.

Here are the manifest that have been created for SWI-Prolog.

Vedant is the one to thank for the current manifest for SWI-Prolog.

As of 07/01/2022 using winget to install SWI-Prolog is not working as expected.

See this for more details.