Wiki Discussion: Install SWI-Prolog development version on Windows 10

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Install SWI-Prolog development version on Windows 10

Why is that? I’m afraid the last time I installed the Windows versions is very long ago, but the idea is that you can install a new version on top of the old. What is going wrong?

Didn’t know this.

I will clean my directory, install a stable version, then install a dev version on top of that without an uninstall and let you know.


In general this should work. The only downside is that if some file has been removed in the new version it will still be present in the upgraded version. If I recall well though the installer asks for deletion of the old version.

That is correct.


Modified uninstall post to note possibility of added uninstall question, and that a new install can be done without an uninstall without problems :smiley:

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