Future of clpqr


I am building a system that heavily relies on constraints and have been using clpr. I read that the package clpr has no maintainer. I want my system to be “future proof”. Would you consider using clpr a safe bet?


That is a difficult question. These libraries are part of SWI-Prolog and won’t be dropped. If they work for you, you are most likely pretty safe. If there is something missing or there is a bug, things get harder. The past have proven that there are some people that understand some of the inner working of these libraries and are capable of fixing these when they get motivated.

Overall, these libraries suffer from poor modularization, lack of a test suite and poor documentation for their internals. This can all be fixed. This asks for some resources though, being financial or people willing to take responsibility.


That sounds reassuring. I find clpr very useful and have not encountered any (big) problems. Probably good that all code is Prolog with respect to future proofing.