GitHub Actions and Workflows for Logtalk and Prolog repos


For the past few weeks, I have been implementing a set of GitHub Actions and Workflows for Logtalk repos, available from:

These necessarily include actions for setting up supported backend Prolog compilers. I currently make available actions for setting up ECLiPSe, GNU Prolog, and SWI-Prolog environments.

Also available are some demo repos illustrating the provided workflows. Notably, the demo repo shows how to automatically run tests, publish test reports, and regenerate API documentation and diagrams on a push event.

There are also third-party repos from Logtalk + SWI-Prolog users such as Paul Brown’s TicTacToeTalk that illustrate how to automatically generate and make available QLF files as build artifacts so that you can download the game and start playing immediately.

The setup-swi-prolog action can also be used for repos that don’t make use of Logtalk. The community challenge here is twofold:

  • Get users with open source repos into the habit of writing tests and documentation and then benefit from automatically running those tests and regenerating and publishing documentation every time they commit and push a new version.
  • Writing and sharing actions and workflows for common usage scenarios.

Feedback and contributions welcome.



Thanks! This is really awesome!

The GitHub action below is designed specifically for Prolog pack projects, especially those with foreign libraries where compilation across all the major Prolog platforms (macOS, Ubuntu and Windows) is a useful testing component. It also usefully supports coverage and coverage shields.
royratcliffe/swi-prolog-pack-cover: GitHub action for SWI-Prolog pack installation with test coverage
Hopefully this might be useful to others as well.