Greetings and Probabilistic Logic with Prolog

Hi all,

My name is Thomas and I’m 43 y.o. AI software developer from Poland, member of ALP and with strong background with Prolog (3 custom compilers written at youth time).

My questions are:

  1. What is current research in case of probablistic logic? (I would be grateful for articles, from the basic level upto research)

  2. What about implementation issues of prob. logic in Prolog. I would very much like to see it in real.


If you make a search on “Taisuke Sato on Probabilistic Prolog”, probably you will see many hits, for example,


Taisuke Sato is one of founders on probabilistic prolog,
and developed a system named PRISM. He was an old friend of mine around Fifth Generation Computer System Project in Japan. Unfortunately I have little knowledge on the Prism, which was his work after the project. As PRISM is famous in that field, it might be not new to you.

Thank you very much.

One of the things to look at is probable by @friguzzi and his group.

In case you are interested in similar topics, like fuzzy logic, an interesting NLP application is Bousi~Prolog.

Please have a look at