Help make more jobs in Prolog

A large corp is considering adopting Prolog, but as often, we are hearing is that “can’t adopt Prolog, we’d never find programmers”.
We’re fighting back. We need your help.

I’m collecting resumes. We’ll dump a pile of resumes on their desk.

If you would like to be considered for Prolog jobs, and are fluent enough in Prolog that you could reasonably apply to a Prolog job, please send your resume to .
You need not be totally comfortable rewriting the garbage collector, just know what cut is.

Our intent is to hand them out to companies that are asking this question.
We’ll try to do what we can to keep them from ending up in recruiters hands. If you’d rather leave contact info off, I’ll be happy to be go-between.

Upside for you - probably the best way around to get a Prolog job.

Please, if you’re wondering if you should send, - send! We need as many as we can get.


Hi Anne,

is this still relevant?


yes! It’s still relevant

Hi Anne,

I am curious. How many Prolog professionals were you able to count so far. I happened to be asked about this today (generally speaking) as i mentioned that i am developing in Prolog.



Hi Anne

Could you confirm your email?
I sent a message to and it backs with error.
… part of this:
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Maybe the server is down?


send again
i’ve been ill

is it still topical ?

still relevant