How to get reason of silent quit after long time run

I ran this query, estimatimating runtime about 24 hours.

?- L is 3600*24, call_with_time_limit(L, time(galois(8, C))).

However this long time query seems to quit silently after about 90 minutes from start
without any message. I tried the query both in Emacs and terminal to get the same.
I want to get some information of reason of the silent quit.
How to prepare before runnig the query to get the quit information ?
( I set ulimit to unlimit in .zshrc. )

It remind me of this bug:

commit 7b45436b0180a1de3357a966def06cfe63a9662d
Author: Jan Wielemaker <>
Date:   Wed Aug 19 16:49:03 2020 +0200

    FIXED: is/2 using optimised arithmetic with a float value while the left side is
    instantiated to a float can exit Prolog (unintended `return`).

That fix is part of 8.3.6.

If your version is more recent it may get hard. Are there calls to halt/0,1 in your code? If not you get into C level debugging, putting a C break point on e.g. exit() and see where it is called from …

It seems newest version.
version 8.3.11-4-g164c8d46f-DIRTY


Hmmm. I will consider your advice. Thanks.