How would this be done in Prolog? (Semantic Network Viewer)

Anybody up for a Prolog take of this here?


I did such things 20 years ago with SVG in the browser
and a Prolog backend, but now I am a little rusty.

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The topic says " Encouraging industry about Prolog".
I guess there is “Dashboard Industry” somewhere.

I guess the datamodel is a semantic network.
But couldn’t find yet the used meta model.

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No. I didn’t write the thing. I don’t know whether it uses SVG or not.
Maybe they use something else. How would you do it nowadays in Prolog?
SVG was available 20 years ago, and you could animate it by using

JavaScript hooks. Just write a Prolog backend that sends the stuff to
the Browser client. But maybe people don’t use SVG anymore for such
problems.There is also HTML Canvas now. Is there a SWISH viewer

for semantic networks? Could this be directly done in SWISH?

Looks like something that could be done with CytoscapeJS in SWISH

Note: I have not used CytoscapeJS.

@CapelliC might be able to shed more light on this.

On twitter 7. Apr. 2020, picture is linked not embedded:

This is a 99% Prolog program (1 C subroutine) developed in LPA Prolog —— was used in this disease outbreak
project with the CDC —

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This looks also interesting, SIGNOR 2.0 COVID-19 Causal Networks:

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