I need help with my homework

My programming teacher let us make an expert system of a farm with:
3 sensors and 3 actuators.
A trapezoidal, triangular or bell fuzzy control has to be used.
But honestly I don’t know how to implement what we saw in class with the project.
this is what i wear:

%Actuator(E, M, Actuation)

sensor(X,[C,S],M):-M is exp(-((X-C)2)/(2*S2)).

greater(A1,A2,A3,empty):-A1 >= A2, A1 > A3.
largest(A1,A2,A3,middle):-A2 > A1, A2 >= A3.
largest(A1,A2,A3,filled):-A3 > A1, A3 > A2.

% Empty Half Full
sense(X, [C1,S1], [C2,S2], [C3,S3], E, M):- sensor(X,[C1,S1],M1),
((E = empty, M is M1);
(E = medium, M is M2);
(E = full, M is M3)).

act(empty,M,X,C,A):-(X < C, A is 100);(X > C, A is M*20+75).
act(medium,M,X,C,A):-(X < C, A is (1-M)25+50);(X > C, A is M25+25).
act(filled,M,X,C,A):-(X < C, A is (1-M)*25);(X >= C, A is 0).