I wonder what other people do with their holidays

I wonder what other people do with their holidays :slight_smile:

Install Linux on their PC? :slight_smile:


Installing Homebrew on WSL on Windows.

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Learning about pldoc. I forgot how to use it.

@stassa.p while it did sound like it might have been a joke it is surely serious. Just do it; it will immensely improve your well-being while writing software of even just coding.

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I know, I’m no stranger to Linux. I had Fedora on most of my laptops. Then Windows 10 came with my last laptop and it was actually not that bad (actually working tiling window manager) So inertia set in and I didn’t install Linux.

My new laptop came with Windows 11 and it’s a return to form. The window manager is borken, the snipping tool is bugged, the Sleep mode doesn’t sleep properly anymore (I think that’s more Intel’s fault) etc. I guess I’ll really at least dual-boot Fedora again on this machine.

Although to be fair, I’ve had some annoyances with Fedora also: no working fingerprint reader driver, battery issues, I think some network card issues…

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I use Linux before. But it was a shame on me, to tackle, and bundle the System new, after some apt-get missures and Time consume.
Now, I am under Windows 10 64-Bit, and have no worry about it.
Windows 10 grows with the Time, and the Blue-Screen, I have never seen it since Years.
The Memory-Management is better, and stable.
So, it runs over two weeks - only the Anti-Virus Software needs a Re-Start after some Time, to make a System Check, and download/update new Virus-Signatures.
I have to say, that I don’t buy PC-Magazines, wich comes with CD-ROM, and Tools on it.
This Tools often have Bugs, and overhelm the Registry.
So the Computer would be slower, and slower.
But if you take attention, on what do You install on the PC, You have no Problems.
I can’t cry.
I have no worries …
So, Windows is my Favorite.
Only cons is, that the User-Interface comes with other looks from Version to Version.
But on all, a good Thing.

I’m amazed. My new lap top came with Win11, and whilst my initial reaction was to get rid of it, I decided to try it out and love it. I needed to rebuild my dev PC and put Win11 on and think it’s the best version ever (been using Windows since 3.1, so have a bit of experience :grin:).

Have you tried repairing? Sounds like you have a faulty install.

Oh and I spent my holidays chasing sheep up and down a Welsh mountainside!

Was wonderful

:ram: :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:

The Linux subsystem on Windows (WSL) is pretty decent nowadays. And on my ChromeBook, I have a Linux subsystem – but because I haven’t figured out to convince Debian to add the SWI-Prolog PPA (something to do with signing keys, which I’m sure would only take me a few hours to figure out), I build and install swipl from source.

Hi Yossu, no, I don’t have a faulty installation.

The tiling window manager changed between Windows 10 and 11, and in my opinion the new version is more annoying than helpful. For example, when I tile a window to the left, it proposes a window to tile to the right even when I’ve already tiled a window there. That’s just one example.

The snipping tool is bugged in that when I’m extending my display on two screens, my laptop screen and another screen, the snipping tool will not cover the entire screen on my main screen. This is a known issue that others have, I can dig up a link from the internets if you want.

As to sleep, what I mean is that my laptop doesn’t support S3 sleep. This seems to be an issue of firmware and not to do with the OS, but I remember reading that it was a feature requested by MS, for some reason.

The annoyance that has finally convinced me to get a new hard drive and install Fedora on it (to avoid messing up my existing files) is the many schedule tasks that keep waking my computer up at 03:30 in the morning, enabling Windows Update (which I disable every 10 minutes with a schedule task), downloading updates and restarting my computer, thus messing up my working environment every few days. Because of course, when Windows 11 restarts it will reopen closed browsers and other programs it recognises but not the SWI-Prolog IDE or vim, on which I’m working, with multiple windows open.

To each their own but for me, my computer is mine, and I don’t accept that the OS can reboot it anytime it likes.

I have spent some time trying to disable those scheduled tasks, and the schedule tasks that turn them back on, but I will not spend my time fighting my computer.