Incorporation of edwards elliptic curves into swipl?

Are there any plans to incorporate elliptic curves ED25519 and ED448 into swipl?

While migrating some services into swipl where we make extensive use of: signing (using load_private_key/3) and diffie-hellman exchanges (via crypto_name_curve/2) we’re unable to leverage the “simpler” edwards curves with swipl. The Edwards curves are (finally) recommended for US Govt use.

The inefficient and ugly workaround is to create a separate process for functionality akin to:
openssl genpkey -algorithm ED25519 -out test.pem
openssl pkey -pubout -in test.pem -out
openssl pkeyutl -sign -rawin -inkey test.pem -in input.txt -out signature.bin
openssl pkeyutl -verify -rawin -pubin -inkey -in input.txt -sigfile signature.bin
(using openssl v3+, rawin isn’t available in earlier versions).

I should add the swipl predicates for EC and crypto_data_hash make it surprisingly easy to do complex things, like double ratchet or most of signal protocol (for fun). Thank-you.

Ref: 1. “Recommendations for Discrete Logarithm-based Cryptography” for US Government use

The ssl and crypto libraries have a long history with quite a few contributors. I welcome a patch that deals with this. Given that it concerns extensions of already existing code, I’d expect this to be fairly straightforward.