Installing rdet error: source sink

?- pack_install(rdet).
% Contacting server at … ok
Install rdet@1.0.2 from GIT at Y/n?
ERROR: source_sink `path(git)’ does not exist

I am using Windows 10 Pro – w/ swi prolog 8.3.21

inerestingly, the pack installation worked on my other computer running windows 10 home.

any thoughts are much appreciated,


Install git and make sure it is in %PATH%

thank you.

I had it installed but apparently something (path info?) got corrupted – a reinstall solved it …


BTW, I’ve started to write an improved version of rdet that has more options.
The code is here: pykythe/ at aa03e6d0a9a123b9fe0eccfb87ce5cabd3ec7820 · kamahen/pykythe · GitHub
but it doesn’t yet have any unit tests.