Is it possible to export an operator from a unit test?

Using SWI-Prolog (threaded, 64 bits, version 8.5.3) on Windows 10.

I can export the predicate version of an operator from a unit test, using export/1, E.g.

:- begin_tests(my_test).

:- op(900, xfx, ^:>).
:- op(900, xfx, ^*>).

:- export((^:>)/2).
:- export((^*>)/2).

:- end_tests(my_test).

and verify they are exported

?- module_property(plunit_my_test,exports(E)).
E = [(^*>)/2,  (^:>)/2].

but I can not figure out how to export the operator itself, E.g

in a normal module it would be like

:- module(examples,
        op(950, xfx, ^:>),  % operator being exported
        op(950, xfx, ^*>),
        (^:>)/2,            % predicate version of an operator

but export/1 can not be used because it only accepts predicate indicators, which op(950, xfx, ^:>) is not.