Is there some call_later/2 for SWI-Prolog, maybe in WASM?

Was just browsing this docu, but couldn’t make head nor tail:

Using SWI-Prolog in your browser (WASM)

Is there any way to schedule a callback inside Prolog? This is
easily done in JavaScript via setTimeout(). Its not that I would like
to await some promise, the below setTimeout() is a fire

and forget. I would like to run this example:

tick(0) :- !.
tick(N) :- M is N-1, write('tick '), flush_output,
    call_later(tick(M), 1000).
tock(0) :- !.
tock(N) :- M is N-1, write('tock '), flush_output,
    call_later(tock(M), 5000).

It should display something along:

?- tick(11), tock(3), sleep(12000).
tick tock tick tick tick tick tock tick tick tick tick tick tock tick true.

The same works in Tau Prolog sandbox:

:- use_module(library(os)).
call_later(G, T) :-
   set_timeout(T, G, _).

I get this result:


The predicate set_timeout/3 is also mentioned here:

Web development with Tau Prolog
José A. Riaza - June 13, 2022