Latest stable (9.0.3) installed via homebrew doesn't include library(pcre)

The homebrew recipe even lists explicit pcre dependency, but the package isn’t available. Does anyone have an idea why this might be the case?

What does it explicitly list?

Note that library(pcre) now requires PCRE2 ( or similar) – I think that stable 8.* used PCRE1 … the two libraries are described here:
See also swipl-devel/packages/pcre/cmake/FindPCRE.cmake

I have just updated my forked homebrew package of 9.0.3 to address this. Tap nobrowser/personal and get swi-prolog-fixed if you would like to try (and I’d appreciate hearing if it works).

I did not notice before because I have both pcre and pcre2 installed, so the dependency was satisfied for the old one even though it proceeded to use the new one on my Mac.


@nobrowser Your tap worked great and has pcre support, thank you!