Local non-docker swish install worked, but how does one expose localhost via (a bridged) ip address


I managed to install swish locally, by following the instructions here [1] on a plain ubuntu 19.04 installation. I also (finally) managed to get authentication working, by simply following the instructions in [1] as well.

After starting swish via swipl run.pl, I can now run swish in a browser within ubuntu (running in a Virtualbox VM) using localhost:3050.

However, i can’t access it via the network IP address (obtained with DHCP) neither inside ubuntu i.e. doesn’t load swish, nor outside the VM. The VM network runs in bridged mode so, ubuntu looks to DHCP like another computer on the local network

Are there any instructions how to link the IP address to the localhost server running in prolog.

many thanks,


[1] https://github.com/SWI-Prolog/swish#local-installation

See run.pl. It starts the HTTP server bound to localhost. Change localhost:Port to simply Port and it will listen on all interfaces. Take note of the security implications.