Logtalk; grpolog not found


I am using linux fedora 35.
Today I have installed swipl 8.5.7-41 as root. This works without problems. I also installed sudo dnf install logtalk-3.53.0-1.noarch.rpm.
The first time I started logtalk (as user) with the command ‘gplgt’ it created a default environment. However that script aborted with the message
/usr/local/bin/gplgt: regel 103: exec: gprolog: niet gevonden (gprolog: not found)

How do I adjust the settings in such a way that gprolog (which probably is a pointer to swipl) is found?


I think you want to start with swilgt to use SWI-Prolog as the backend; gplgt is trying to use GNU Prolog.

Now I also know how to start gprolog