Ludum Dare 45 Team SWI-Prolog

A team is assembling for Ludum Dare 45, which starts this friday at 6pm US Eastern time and runs through the same time on monday.
We’ll probably use a starter project that connects Snap!, the blocks programming environment, to CHR.

At the start of the jam they’ll announce a theme something like “trapped”, and you have to build a game around that theme. So maybe we build an interactive fiction about prison escape.

If you want involved, hop onto ##prolog on and bug me (anniepoo) or aindilis to put you on the github org, and d/l & install the starter.

Why do this? Entering Prolog teams in game jams - arguably the worst possible application for Prolog- stretches the boundaries of the system. The last jam we did spread knowledge of cyc a bit.

Hey, our last entry has picked up a few positive comments - it was based on nanisearch, and some people actually enjoyed the game.


We’re doing well! Paul Brown has done wonderful work on the Snap! front end, and Thom Fruewirth and Michael Richter have helped sort CHR issues.

We have 14 hours left, and have a small workable game. You draw line segments on the screen, and a bunch of CHR code recognizes various elements - building up to recognizing houses.

On the front end, written in the visual programming language Snap!, Paul Brown’s made a fun little game - you have to draw houses for the poor little pigs before the wolf blows them down.


The Ludum Dare SWI-Prolog team just published our game.

Link to the Ludum Dare page

The live web version and repo links are off that page.

It’s a simple game where you try to save a pig by drawing lots of childs-drawing houses.

it’s a bit crude and glitchy - these games always are - but acutally lots of fun.

It’s 165 lines of Prolog, 321 lines of CHR, and vaguely 250 lines of Snap!

The recognizer actually recognizes triangles of various sorts, eg those with one or two edges aligned on a major axis, horizontal and vertical lines, axis aligned boxes, houses, and rockets.


Direct links.

I am coping them here because for a while they were missing and I do want to visit this code in more detail when I get a chance.

Play live

Final results for Ludum Dare 45 are in:

Overall: 1098 th (2.5 average from 26 ratings)
Fun: 982 nd (2.688 average from 26 ratings)
Innovation: 534 th (3.2 average from 27 ratings)
Theme: 824 th (2.938 average from 26 ratings)
Graphics: 1039 th (1.913 average from 25 ratings)
Audio: 694 th (1.771 average from 26 ratings)
Humor: 401 st (3.04 average from 27 ratings)
Mood: 1041 st (2.318 average from 24 ratings)

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