My dpath-package dpath could be interesting

Sorry about my stupid pseudonimity. Pseudonimity and file system software are worrysome combination :slight_smile:

I have been using dpath for a year or two as a file system tool. I find myself missing it when it is not available.

If this is a novel thing, I would be very surprised. If someone can confirm that this is something novel, I would like to hear that.

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?- dpath:filetype('c:'/A/B/bin/B.exe).
A = 'Program Files',
B = swipl ;


Also Linux version works (it cannot open a file browser for now, I have some plans to add it)

%this would find all directories under root
dpath:dir(  '/'/A)

table dpath:directory_directories/2 gives more speed, possibly this is not the best predicate to table.