NFA elaborator

Hi everyone, i’m looking for someone that helps me w/ a basic regex to NFA compiler because i’ve a lot of doubts about it.

For NFA do you mean Nondeterministic Finite Automaton?

Also anytime I see the words Prolog and RegEx together I personally tend to think DCG.

SWI-Prolog does have a Regular Expression package.


L-FLAT - Logtalk Formal Language and Automata Toolkit

I wrote a DFA compiler using my pac (closure), which produces minimum state DFA. It accepts character classes. The code is included my package pac/prolog/misc/ untouched for long time. (Automaton is a good example of coalgebra.) I am forgetting the codes, but it has been working silently for me everyday in the background. The target is not NFA. If you interested in the codes, I would like to help you, though I am not sure to catch up with myself.