Normalizing Variable Names in s(CASP) models

I have code that is running s(CASP) through the MQI, and then post-processing the models to determine which models are justifications for the same bindings and constraints.

Is there a way to normalize the variable names used per model, so they always start with A? It would save me a step in post-processing the results. Or is there some semantic reason not to do it that way?

Better yet, would it be possible for s(CASP) to give the same variable names to variables that are being used in the same way across models? Like the variable will be called A in model #2 if a) it has the same constraints as A in model #1, and b) it occurs in all and only the same terms as A in the model #1?

I can do it myself in post-processing, but I want to be sure there isn’t an option flag I’m not aware of, or something.

Thanks in advance.