Pack graphql-swipl is a duplicate. Should it be removed?

There are two identical packages for graphql.

?- pack_search(graphql).
% Contacting server at ... ok
p graphql@0.0.1             - GraphQL Prolog Library
p graphql-swipl@0.0.1       - GraphQL Prolog Library

I don’t know the reason for having two but one of them should be removed. My suggestion is to remove graphql-swipl as the use of - in the name requires the use of single quotes to avoid an error, e.g.

?- pack_install(graphql-swipl).
ERROR: Type error: `atom' expected, found `graphql-swipl' (a compound)
ERROR:   [15] throw(error(type_error(atom,...),_40026))
ERROR:   [11] prolog_pack:pack_default_options(graphql-swipl,_40064,[],_40068) at c:/program files/swipl/library/
ERROR:   [10] prolog_pack:pack_install(graphql-swipl) at c:/program files/swipl/library/
ERROR:    [9] <user>
ERROR: Note: some frames are missing due to last-call optimization.
ERROR: Re-run your program in debug mode (:- debug.) to get more detail.
   Exception: (11) prolog_pack:pack_default_options(graphql-swipl, _40326, [], _40330) ? abort