Package manager down

Hi all,

is the package manager server down or do I have a problem with my installation (swipl 8.1.5 on Ubuntu)? If I try to install a package with pack_install or try to resolve the url manually, I get a server error 500.


Seems to work for me.

I installed Package “func” which I know has not been previously installed.

Welcome to SWI-Prolog (threaded, 64 bits, version 8.1.24)
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?- pack_install(func).
% Contacting server at ... ok
Install func@0.4.2 from Y/n? 
% Contacting server at ... ok
Warning: Package depends on the following:
Warning:   "function_expansion", provided by function_expansion@0.1.2 from
Warning:   "list_util", provided by list_util@0.13.0 from

What do you wish to do
   (1) * Install proposed dependencies
   (2)   Only install requested package
   (3)   Cancel

Your choice? 
% "" was downloaded 133 times
i function_expansion@0.1.2  - Help for writing function-like macros
% Cloning into 'c:/users/groot/appdata/local/swi-prolog/pack/list_util'...
i list_util@0.13.0          - Predicates for working with lists
Package:                func
Title:                  Function application and composition
Installed version:      0.4.2
Author:                 Michael Hendricks <>
Maintainer:             Michael Hendricks <>
Packager:               Michael Hendricks <>
Home page:    
Download URL: 
Requires:               function_expansion, list_util
Install "" (9,614 bytes) Y/n? 

I think that is the problem. At some point the SWI-Prolog website moved to HTTPS and older versions cannot handle that. Ether use the stable or a more recent development version.

… that was the problem. I updated to the latest dev-release and everything works now fine.