PackAnn: chess_db 1.0

New version for chess_db is out containing many major improvements.

The pack includes:

  • PGN parsing
    PGN’s: pgn/2
  • DB storing
    the parsed terms into prosqlite databases: chess_db/2
  • predicate for interaction
    with the resulting databases: chess_db_game_info/3, chess_db_opening_pgn/2
  • dictionary
    representation of chess games: chess_dict_start_board/1, chess_dict_move/3
  • integer
    representation of game positions: chess_dict_inpo/2
  • logic
    for identifying pinned pieces (used in move disambiguation)

project details at:

Although none of the sub-components would win any beauty contests and there are likely many bugs,
still the overall flow has all the major aspects for allowing one to work with many chess games.

The only major missing part is visualisation. I suspect the open source
javasscript frontent would probably be highly compatible with SWISH.
An other more generic approach would be to create a mock “chess engine” interface which can hook to any compatible board visualisation program, such as chessx.


Nicos Angelopoulos