PceEmacs syntax colouring for C, Javascript


After years using GNU Emacs I am now using swipl’s PceEmacs and loving it. However on the odd occasion when I need to edit Javascript or C files with PceEmacs I see no syntax colouring, not even for comments. File - Properties reports the correct mode. Is this the expected behaviour?

Windows 10
?- version.
Welcome to SWI-Prolog (threaded, 64 bits, version 8.3.29)

:frowning: There is no coloring engine based on some generic parser or regexes. There is only one for Prolog based on Prolog reading the source and assigning semantic highlighting based on library(prolog_colour) …

Unless someone is willing to add that, it is unlikely to happen. Could be a nice challenge. As PceEmacs allows Prolog to directly open the edit buffer as an input stream (which is why it can do such a good job on Prolog syntax) it should be possible to design a neat formalism based on DCGs to assign highlighting :slight_smile: I’m afraid working on s(CASP) has priority to me. Customer is waiting :slight_smile: