Pfc from source - has weird constructs


Failing to get pfc to work, i am trying to see if i can get the source of the pack compiled.

However, the source includes various strange constructs such as:

:- throw(module(pfc_umt,[umt/1])).

any idea what this might be?

and this:

get_source_ref10(mfl4(VarNameZ,M,F,L)):- defaultAssertMt(M), source_location(F,L),unifyable_varname(.

a clear syntax error – i wonder how the pack actually compiles – or which the source files are that are used for the pack.

This was because the file was no longer supposed to be compiled … And was used to create a stack trace when i had old code that used the module.

That code should no longer be referenced… I saw you are using PDT … I’ll try to make sure these filesw are not bombs for PDT in the next 18 hours

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Many thanks,

Yes, it still shows the traces in PDT …


A solution for the trace overload in PDT is indeed very welcome …

Right now, after a short run of some code, the trace in the Prolog command window has gone into an infinite loop … scrolling away at high speed.

Looking forward to when this is fixed …

thank you!,


Running the visual debugger from the swi-prolog command line (i.e. not within eclipse), i noticed that the same debug traces are being generated.

So, it seems to be a general issue, not necessarily only for PDT