PhD position at the University of Bremen

Hi all,

I am a researcher at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI) at the University of Bremen. The IAI works in the intersection of AI and robotics, and is maintaining a set of software tools including the Prolog-based knowledge base KnowRob.

KnowRob (Knowledge processing for Robots) is an open source knowledge processing system that is designed for autonomous service robots. It was first introduced in 2009. Recently, a second generation of the KnowRob system was introduced where the focus has shifted towards the integration
of simulation and rendering techniques into a hybrid knowledge processing architecture. The rational is to re-use components of the control program in virtual environments with physics and almost photorealistic rendering, and to acquire experiential knowledge from these sources.

KnowRob plays further a central role in the ongoing DFG funded collaborative research centre
Everyday Activity Science & Engineering (EASE) which has the goal to uncover principles underlying everyday activities by first acquiring experiential knowledge with different modalities, and second building models that generalize over these modalities.

The announced position is offered in the context of EASE, and it is targeted at people who would like to join the development of KnowRob. It is a full position. The first phase of EASE ends in 2021, but it is very likely that the project will go into a second phase. Else, there might be options to continue the PhD position after 2021 within another research project (the usual duration of a PhD position is about 5 years at the IAI).

Here is the position offer:

Daniel Beßler


What an interesting project! Good luck in your search.

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